I’ve been watching a lot of Roseanne on DVD to fall asleep recently. I watched the Fisher-is-hitting-Jackie episodes the night I heard the first Mel Gibson audio on that skeezy Radar site I’d happily never heard of before. After turning away from the internet, I turned on my Hello kitty tv/dvd player that a wonderful friend of mine no longer wanted and just gave to me (Hello Kitty bouncing around is the screen saver. She dances when you turn the volume up and down. etc,) and that’s where we were in the season. The episode was such a relief after all the internet chatter that condemned Gibson for being an asshole and “racist”, but failed to utter words like “sexism”, “misogyny”, “rape”, “domestic violence.” Now, I don’t think most gossip blogs decrying Gibson’s “racism” but not his misogyny really care more about racism than the oppression of women, they just know Racism = The N Word = Scandal=we do that, and it allows them to link to their off-point John Mayer and Kramer coverage.

Roseanne is a really, really, really good show. That’s its own post or twelve.

Anyway, I stumbled across this on Roseanne Barr’s own RoseanneWorld:

Roseanne’s running for President of The United States & Prime Minister of Israel (“it’s a two-fer!”) Idk, I think I’m probably voting for her.