I blog at 4MileCircus  and contribute regularly to Crixeo.

Selected Links to My Writing:

Things No one Tells You About Going Vegan (Crixeo)

DIY Anxiety Remedies (Crixeo)

For a Good Time Call Review (Tits and Sass)

Ten More Things That Will Make Your Babysitter Hate You (Mommyish)

Ten Things that will Make Your Babysitter Hate You (Mommyish)

Game Time (Fiction – Stoned Crow Press)

A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free: Phone Sex On And After 9/11 (Tits and Sass)

Kill Screen: Perhaps the Finest Music Video of 2012 (Rap Genius)

Ten Great Elliott Smith Lyrics (Prefix)

How it Could be Different: An Interview with Sarah Katherine Lewis (PopMatters)

Translating Sacred Texts: An Interview with Alina Simone (PopMatters)

Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge (The Mother Nature Network)

Berlin Reed: Vegetarian Butcher Turned Ethical Omnivore (Huffington Post)

Erotic Laborers Find Outlet in $pread (On The Issues)

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