Video Premiere: The Shondes’ “Wrong Kind” (Oy Oy Oy Gevalt)

Short Cuts: The Short Horror Roundup for September(ish) (Rue Morgue)

Short Film: It’s Normal (Talesin Meets The Vampires blog)

The Shondes’ “True North” Video Is A Mashup Of Tradition And Activism (Bust)

The Shondes’ New Passover-Themed “True North” Video (Oy Oy Oy Gevalt)

It’s Normal Is The Vampire Allegory That Makes America Think Again (Graveyard Shift Sisters)

Phone Sex with a Twist – An Interview with Nicole Solomon (The Nopebook)

Night-Mares & Crafting A Scare (Graveyard shift sisters)

Short Film Review: Mare (One Film Fan)

[HORROR SHORT-FILM REVIEW] MARE (2016) (Daily Grindhouse)

Review: Small Talk (Gores Truly)

Magnetic Magic Rentals unleashes a fresh VHS double-feature featuring Beneath The Black Moon and 1-900-KILL-YOU (Small Talk) (Lunchmeat)

Check out Small Talk, a Horror Short ft. Jean Grae (Fan Bros)



Scribblin Short Film: Small Talk (Review) (Thy Be Demons Scribblin)

Ditmas Park, Kensington, Flatbush…….Hollywood?  (Ditmas Park Corner)

“Small Talk” with writer/producer/director Nicole Solomon (Scaretastic Podcast)

Award Winning Horror Short, Small Talk Breaks Out On VOD With Friday the 13th Event (Graveyard Shift Sisters)

Gore and Psychic Wounds: Nicole Witte Solomon on Horror, Phone Sex, and Film (Tits and Sass)

The Horror Show with Small Talk (From Page2Scream)

“Funny Games with Nicole Solomon” (Scaretastic Podcast)

Q&A With Nicole Witte: Spend Halloween with Small Talk (Stoned Crow Press)

A Little Small Talk with Writer/Director Nicole Witte Solomon (Graveyard Shift Sisters)

#RealWorldArt: Nicole Solomon (Somewhat Suspect)

Talking Small with Nicole Witte Solomon (Evil Teddybear Podcast)

An Interview with Nicole Solomon (Jolie Ruin)

A Blood-Soaked, Phone Sex Horror Show (Brooklyn Based)

A Horror Movie Grows in Brooklyn (Ditmas Park Corner)

Interview with Nicole Solomon (Ma’yan)

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