My Feelings and Opinions

1. I am glad that American apparel looks like it’s going bankrupt.  I would like to think that at least a small part of their sales drop was due to people stopped buying their crap cuz it was 1-waaaay too expensive for the quality and 2-almost anyone who is not themselves a really fucking creepy person fucking hates Dov charny.  JESUS.  Can he and fucking Terry Richardson (why, why do magazines hire him to shoot everyone now?  Does he work really cheap?  His one fucking schtick has gotten So. Fucking. Old.  And it was never even good!) just go off in a deserted cabin somewhere and jerk off to 70s porn together and sexually harass each other or do whatever the hell  to pass the time until the inevitable slasher villan comes to call?  I used to sometimes get wholesale AA stuff at Friedmans, but I haven’t even done that in awhile.  The only AA stuff I ever get is if some band uses the brand for their t-shirts or something.  Except for the 2 for $5 shirts I bought the other day at Filene’s.  Hell, if savings as they crumble keep getting passed on to me, I might start wearing the stuff again!  I like 2 for $5 tank tops!  2 for $5 tank tops are my jam!

2. I am pro-Kanye’s Twitter feed.  I like seeing horses and goblets.

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox was neither fantastic nor foxy.  I appreciated the stop motion animation, the art direction, some of the cinematography, and some of the voice acting (the thing would have been unwatchable without George Clooney and Meryl Streep) but I’m tired of Wes Anderson’s cereal box daddy issues and lack of soul.  He has an eye, his movies always look great, and after the trilogy of flat-out awful movies I’d seen previously, I was extra appreciative. (The trilogy of dreck was Prime, The Women, and Feeling Minnesota, I can explain how these seemingly random atrocities made their way into my DVD player!  Maybe that should be its own post.)  Maybe Wes Anderson should get into home decorating instead of film making.

Fantastic Mr. Fox did not pass the Bechdel test.  Apparently 95% of whimsical woodland creatures are male, and the female 5% exist solely in relationship to the males.  Oh I’m sorry, the Meryl Streep fox painted.  That’s character development, right?  I’ll suck up this casual structural sexism when I’m watching Olde Tyme movies, but have little tolerance for wankers churning it out today.

4 thoughts on “My Feelings and Opinions

  1. I saw The Women – the Clare Boothe Luce play – a few years ago and it was absolutely incredible. Witty and clever and sardonic and kinda brutal. Without having seen it, I don’t understand how a movie adaptation of it (though, the one that came out in 2008 is, technically, an adaptation of the 1939 movie based on the play) could be set in present day. Though, now I am reading about it on Wikipedia, and I see… the conceit from the original that brings all the women together was just dropped entirely:

    “Since the concept of women going to Reno in search of a divorce is archaic, she needed to eliminate this aspect of the original plot from her treatment, which necessitated deleting several characters from the story. One character that is not in its original form is Lucy, who in the play and original movie was the maid in Reno, here she is seen as Mary’s dog.”

    Mary’s DOG? WHUT?

    Anyway, the play is great. Maybe the 1939 movie is better? One would hope.

  2. Oh yeah, to comment on things actually treated in your post: I too am happy to see the demise of American Apparel looming. I have never bought anything at American Apparel and, like you, really have only a couple things I got second hand and some band shirts.

    Also, Kanye is fun. I am relieved he has reduced the number of tweets per day to a manageable level. (His first two days were a bit much for my feed.)

    1. That is an amazing cast! I would have loved to have seen that production.

      I’ve never seen the play. I’m a big fan of the original film–it’s odd and really fucked up in a lot of ways, but also very funny and entertaining. I actually have a promo shot from it on my bedroom wall.

      The remake (the version to which I was referring in my post) is just absolutely godawful. A complete failure on every possible level. I would say more, but I think it will get its own post.

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